Mankato Assault Attorney

Assault is a very serious offense and involves the possibility of inflicting injuries on another person. These injuries can be rather devastating, as this is a crime of violence against another person. It is also frequently tied to “battery,” which is the actual “beating” or “striking” of another person. When such an alleged offense is prosecuted, it is done so based on the severity of the injury and the relationship between the two individuals involved.

If you have been accused of assault, it is a must to call your Southern Minnesota assault attorney as soon as possible. This call will ensure you have the right advice in regards to what you should and should not say to authorities. This also allows work to begin on your case, such as getting you out of jail so you can go home.

What Is Assault?

Assault is some kind of threat to another person. The battery portion of the incident is the actual attack. Either way, the experience can be a terrible one for a victim. However, there are many people who are falsely accused of assault and/or battery due to false identification, retaliation, or another personal reason.

There are a number of settings in which such an attack can occur. People who are mugged, raped, or attacked in some way are victims of assault. Even someone who is robbed is an assault victim and this is why assault can be added to a robbery charge, aggravating the robbery charge so that the sentencing, if convicted, will be stricter.

Another type of assault, domestic assault, is when assault and battery is inflicted on someone who lives in the household. To be charged with domestic assault, a person only has to perceive that they have been threatened with physical harm or actually physically harmed. Because of the nature of this particular crime, the penalties can be harsher than with the average assault conviction. What’s more is that no physical contact has to occur to be charged with this offense. If you are charged with this, your Mankato assault lawyer will work with you to reveal the facts so the truth is shown.

Assault Classifications

When charged with assault, the charge is one of five degrees with First Degree Assault being the most serious and Fifth Degree Assault being the least serious. First Degree is when bodily harm has been allegedly inflicted on the victim using great or deadly force. First Degree is also the charge when it is suspected a peace officer has been assaulted. The fines can be over $30,000 and the prison term is 20 years. Fifth Degree Assault is the charge when there has been an intent to inflict harm on another person. The sentence is 90 days in jail.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Assault Lawyer

Assault is a very serious offense and, if convicted, could have both legal and personal consequences that last for a lifetime. To avoid as much of the consequences as possible, you need to work with a law firm that has decades of experience helping clients receive the best outcomes in their cases. To learn more about how Birkholz Law, LLC can help you, call the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501 for your free case evaluation.