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Murder, homicide and manslaughter are very serious in that they involve the taking of someone else’s life. Any time a person kills another, it is called “homicide” and the penalties are very strict. There are many individuals that spend the remainder of their lives in prison for killing another person, while there are those that don’t because they did not kill another intentionally. If murder is not intentional, then the consequences are not as strict.

If you have been charged with homicide or manslaughter, you need a Southern Minnesota murder, homicide, and manslaughter attorney who knows the law and who can prove what happened. If murder did occur and there was no premeditation, but the prosecution states there was, then it is important to prove that no premeditation happened so the sentencing is not as strict as a premeditated murder conviction.

Degrees Of Murder & Manslaughter

There are different types of murder. They are homicide, manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. Murder has three degrees. They are as follows:

  • First Degree Murder – The murder was premeditated, death occurred when another crime was being committed, kidnapping or robbery/burglary led to the death, rape or arson led to the death, the victim was a peace officer working within a correctional facility while on duty, death occurred as a result of domestic abuse, death occurred to a minor as a result of abuse, death was caused while a felony was being committed.
  • Second Degree Murder – There was intent, but no premeditation. This can occur when committing another felonious act that resulted in the death of another.
  • Third Degree Murder – Being negligent. In other words, committing an act with no regard to human life.

Manslaughter has two degrees:

  • First Degree Manslaughter – Murder in the heat of passion when the words or actions of another person provoke it.
  • Second Degree Manslaughter – A person has been negligent with that negligence leading to the death of another person. For instance, a person may have a gun and negligently shoot another person. Failing to restrain an animal considered deadly can fall under this as well.

It is possible for a person to be charged with Third Degree Manslaughter if death occurred while committing a misdemeanor.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide is considered such because alcohol may be involved. While there are other negligent acts that can lead to vehicular homicide, being under the influence of alcohol is the most common. If you are accused of this or any other form of homicide or manslaughter, you need a strong and skillful Mankato murder, homicide & manslaughter lawyer working by your side the entire time so you can receive the best possible outcome in your case.

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Murder, homicide, and manslaughter are very serious crimes and can result in a lifetime of imprisonment. Even after time is served, the personal consequences can be quite serious. So you can minimize the consequences as much as possible, Birkholz Law, LLC can provide you with a skillful and strategic defense. To learn more, call the St. James office at 507-375-3374, the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501, or the Mankato office at 507-387-2100 and schedule your free consultation.