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Minnesota’s statutes in regards to theft define 17 different acts that are considered theft. This is because the definition of theft involves a person taking property that belongs to another person without that person’s consent. The intent to permanently deprive the alleged victim of their property must also be present.

If you have been charged with theft, you have rights and need to protect those rights. At Birkholz Law, LLC, you have nearly four decades of experience working for you and success in thousands of cases. Because you have a skillful Mankato theft attorney working for you, it is possible to have the charges dismissed, reduced, or for you to be acquitted. It does not matter if you are innocent or guilty; you deserve a fair shot at a productive future.

Acts Of Theft

Some of the acts that are considered theft include:

  • Using a dishonored check
  • Acquiring property through false representation
  • Theft by Swindle
  • Taking a car and driving it without the consent of the owner
  • Transferring of copying a trade secret and then converting it in a way that the offender can use it to benefit
  • Keeping property that is found when there is knowledge of the true owner

Theft crimes can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the details that surround the case and the value of the property that has been stolen. If something has been taken from another person without consent, then the act can be considered an act of theft.

Theft Charges

There are a number of theft charges with the most common being plain theft, which is the intentional taking, concealing, or transferring of another person’s property without their knowledge.

Another common type of theft is identity theft. This is the act of using another person’s identity to commit an unlawful activity.

A third common type of theft is receiving stolen property. There are times when an individual receives a gift from someone and they don’t know it is stolen. This is actually the act of receiving stolen property and knowing that it is stolen. Even if there is reason to believe that you knew it was stolen, you could be charged. This is a case where your Southern Minnesota theft lawyer can prove your innocence.

The issuance of dishonored checks and counterfeit checks are also areas of theft that are common in Minnesota. This involves using, selling, or issuing fraudulent checks and obtaining money for them in some way.

No matter the type of theft or if you are innocent or guilty, you deserve to have an aggressive attorney by your side to help you navigate the system and to work toward the best possible outcome for you.

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