Butterfield Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the charges can be very difficult to face. The main reason behind this difficulty is because the future suddenly becomes more unknown than it already was. You do not know if you are going to be convicted, if there is prison time involved, or what the fines may be like.

Due to the uncertainty of the charges and the actions being taken against you, it is imperative to involve an attorney as early into the process as possible. Birkholz Law, LLC has nearly four decades of experience and uses that experience to benefit your case. While no two cases are alike, the knowledge and the years of practicing criminal law means your Butterfield criminal defense lawyer being able to create a strategic defense for you. We have helped clients in the following areas:

If you have been charged with any of these offenses or another criminal offense, then you need to involve your attorney as soon as possible. This is so work can begin on your defense as soon as possible.

Experienced Butterfield, MN Criminal Lawyer

Birkholz Law, LLC serves all of Southern Minnesota, representing clients in all 12 counties. County courts can operate differently from one another and Birkholz Law has knowledge of how they all operate, which is beneficial to your case. We know what sets each court apart from the others.

Due to the fact that there has been a great deal of success had in these court rooms, you have a significant amount of experience working for you. Every area of criminal law has been covered. It does not matter if you have been charged with first degree murder or you are defending yourself against a traffic ticket, you will receive a dedicated defense from start to finish.

Building Powerful Defense Strategies

It is the commitment of your Butterfield criminal defense attorney to build a powerful defense strategy for you. That way you have a chance toward a better future. Even if conviction is inevitable, a conviction for a lesser charge is much better than the maximum. This gives you a better shot toward having a productive future once the penalties are paid. In other cases, the charges may be dropped or the court has no choice but to acquit.

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Being accused of a crime is confusing, which is why you need legal guidance that will ensure your rights are protected. You will also receive a comprehensive, dedicated, and aggressive criminal defense in order to help you achieve the best conclusion in your case. To learn more about how Birkholz Law, LLC can help you understand your rights and present you with options, call the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501 for a free consultation.